A water deaeration module range individually designed to meet any prevailing demand.


Versatile design

The ALDOX design concept allows easy and efficient adaptation to customer needs - whether in respect to capacity, deaeration level, automation, component selection or virtually any other customer requirment.

Outstanding performance

ALDOX offers hot or cold water deaeration with DO levels down to less than 0.01 ppm and CO2 efficiency exceeding 95% for any capacity between 10 and 1,600 hl/h.

ALDOX is a fully automatic, self-contained, factory pre-assembled and tested module. The "plug-and-play" concept ensures a minimum of work on site and can be delivered with a range of useful complimentary options.If pasteurization of water is included, up to 95% energy recovery can be achieved.

In compliance with food industry regulations, all components in contact with the process water are made of stainless steel with heat resistant seals and designed for efficient CIP through an integrated CIP program. 

In case the deaerated water is intended for blending of  High Gravity Beer, consider our ALDOX HGB module as an alternative solution.


Cómo funciona

Oxygen is removed in the ALDOX column. The high desorption of oxygen is achieved by using stripping gas (carbon dioxide or nitrogen) over a packed bed operating at atmospheric pressure. Water is routed via the liquid distributor to the top of the column and travels downward countercurrent with the CO2 /N2.

The internal packing material, specifically developed for this application, ensures effective contact between water and gas. The benefits being highly efficient oxygen removal at very low gas usage. The majority of the gas added to the column is dissolved in the water and the virtually oxygen-free water is collected at the bottom of the column. Due to efficient design, there is no need for a second column or recirculation of water.


Additional CO2 can be injected at a point just upstream of the PHE chiller section, where the gas is dissolved by the turbulent flow across the chiller plates. The gas flow is continuously measured and manually adjusted.


The deaerated water is chilled to the desired outlet temperature under accurate control. As an option, the final cooling stage can be offered with ammonia cooling. The cooling system is arranged to avoid any risk of freezing in the chilling stage.


As an option, the ALDOX module can be easily integrated with pasteurization to ensure high water quality - no need for any further sterilization. The incoming water is regenerative heated with a high degree of heat recovery. Low-pressure steam, or hot water, is used as final heating medium to pasteurization temperature. The volume in the system is designed as to obtain the required residence time.