2020-10-07 Product News

Plan A – Keep your decanter centrifuge like new | A webinar

Proper and timely decanter maintenance is the key to ensuring optimum performance and avoiding unplanned stops. Irrespective of the industry that you are operating within you can benefit from spending an hour with our decanter service experts who will be sharing recommendations on how to maintain equipment performance and get the most out of your decanter installation. You will also gain insight into real customer cases.

June 2021

In this free webinar you will get hands-on information around the importance of maintaining your decanter including: 

  • Daily / monthly decanter maintenance 
  • Preventive maintenance 
  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Service agreements
  • Possible upgrades and much more 

About the speakers:

  • Milan Barudzija, Global Service Development Manager with comprehensive decanter knowledge
  • Peter Roth, Global Service Product Portfolio Manager Water & Waste, with 20 years of decanter experience
  • Burak Özkök, Global Service Sales Manager with extensive decanter service knowledge

Who could benefit from this webinar?

  • Maintenance managers and engineers
  • Reliability managers and engineers
  • Decanter operators and other maintenance personnel
Decanter Test Centre two decanter and tanks

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